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Kathleen McClaskey

Advocacy Chair
Amherst, New Hampshire
Kathleen McClaskey (@khmmc) is Founder of Make Learning Personal and co-author of bestsellers Make Learning Personal and How to Personalize Learning: A Practical Guide for Getting Started and Going Deeper. She is an innovative leader, education technologist, international speaker, professional developer, and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) consultant with over 30 years experience in creating learner-centered environments as a teacher, K-12 administrator and consultant. She is passionate in empowering learners with tools, skills and learning strategies so they become independent self-directed learners, learners with agency, who are future ready for college, career and life. Follow Kathleen and her blogs at kathleenmcclaskey.com and learn how UDL can be used to achieve educational equity, learner agency and self-advocacy for all learners.
Listen to a recent Westside Personalized Podcast with Kathleen McClaskey: http://westsidepersonalized.com/podcast/a-conversation-with-kathleen-mcclaskey-co-author-of-how-to-personalize-learning-ep-60/